How to Recognize Grace

bio-picHmmm… realizing my ‘momminess’ seems to occur every day. I have been gracefully giving in for some time now (and often not so gracefully). Recently, my daughter and I were screaming at each other, raging madness. I classically ‘pulled the car over’ and jumped out to look her in the eye, I was serious about whatever it was we were discussing. She so badly wanted to take a swing at me, her little hand clenched and trembling, pretending she had no intention, tears streaming…I bit my lip and loved her enough to let her hate me for that moment. And realized how deeply we were connected and how strongly my role requiring patience and calm and laughter had just been defined.

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Tyler is the woman behind Periwinklebloom, a company that is about simple, inspired and kind living. It is about making art using natural things; organic cotton fibers, vegetable-based ink, clean energy and hand-crafting.

Periwinklebloom will be showcasing their exquisite organic letterpress paper goods and and 100% organic cotton children’s collection at our pre-Mother’s Day Celebration, It’s All About Mom.


  1. very nice moment. reading this gave me the chills. while i haven’t gotten to this point with my 11 month old, i remember getting to it with my own mother when i was little. connection is the best!

  2. I appreciate this story; my lil ones teach me everyday and more often than that if my perspective is aligned and not busy. I have to continually remind myself of what their behavior towards me, towards eachother and towards themselves is telling me; they just need time, attention, direction and the room to be who they both are, in ALL of it’s spendor.


  3. Yes, they are our little mirrors, aren’t they? I got a big dose of that today, as I observed how my two handled conflict with each other… and realized that the pattern sounded a lot like… oh, mommy and daddy! 🙂