How to Protect Your Kids from Swine Flu: Nutrition and Wellness

We connected with Dr. Karen Ferguson, a certified chiropractor that specializes in children’s health. I learned a lot from our conversation. Dr. Ferguson’s holistic approach makes sense BUT as you’ll observe in the video, still want the magical pill! Haha!

I appreciate that both our docs were very cognizant that each particular child and family situation is different. What if you have someone in your family who’s immune system is compromised? What if you have a grandma or great grandmother who lives with you? What if you have a child (like mine) who has respiratory issues?

Dr. Ferguson has generously offered to answer any specific questions from our community. Leave a question below. Tell us what choice you have made re: H1N1… shot? No shot?

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Dr. Karen Ferguson is in private practice at Ferguson Family Chiropractic.


  1. Dr. Ferguson,
    I have no intention of getting the H1N1 vaccine or having my daughter get it.
    However, I am 9 weeks pregnant right now and I am concerned about all the vaccines that are given to our children at such a young age. If I heard you correctly, you said that none of your children are vaccinated. Did you mean ever or just with the flu vaccine? For parents that are concerned about their child’s vaccine schedule, which ones would you recommend (if any) and which would you absolutely say stay away from?

    Thanks so much,

  2. FYI… “As of 11 October 2009, worldwide there have been more than 399232 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009 and over 4735 deaths reported to WHO.”

    This translates to a 1.1% mortality rate.

  3. yes, i just got H1N1 ‘naturally’ and am 23 wk pregnant with twins. SO glad i got it this way and not thru artificial means. feels natural. feel my body growing it’s defenses to fight this off. now the twins have it as well. yay.