How to pick the best closet organizing system

Picture with me now the typical closet in a home. A hanging bar with a shelf above or the wire shelving with the section for hanging items that is segmented so the hanging clothes only slide so far. I don’t know exactly who these types of closets were designed for, neither adults nor kids. What do you do with a closet that is not useful for what you need but it needs to be practical and grow with your kids.  Oh yeah and we need something affordable too don’t we? Here are a couple things for you to think about and some places to look.

Things to think about for arranging a child’s closet

  1. Plan so the closet can grow with your kids. This means a closet on a rail system works so shelves and hanging rods can be adjusted as your child grows.
  2. You don’t really need a lot of long hanging space. Think shelves; pull out wire drawers and high shelves for longer-term storage. The wire drawers can hold diapers now, stuffed animals or books a little later and purses or socks much later.
  3. Shelving down the middle is great for young kids to store books, toys, special treasures that are theirs alone. The shelves later are great for jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts as the toys become replaced with clothes.

Types of shelving to consider.

  1. The rail system that is available at your local big box hardware store. This is good if you have a vision of what you want in a closet and if you have someone to install it for you. A rail system is a row of rails hung vertically along the back of the closet wall. The shelves, hanging bars, baskets etc are hung from the rails. They are adjustable and can be removed or added to. Very handy for a growing child.
  2. Stores like Ikea and Container store have their own shelving systems. You can either go to the store or design it yourself on line. They have different types of material to fit many budgets.
  3. Closet companies such as California Closets, ORG, and many others will send a “closet designer” to your home, measure and create a design that fits your needs. This is a great way to go for a bigger budget. Again they have many different materials available for a variety of price ranges.

If you reading this and thinking, this is all to confusing just click on the links and look through some storage magazines to get ideas. A picture will spark your creativity and a friend’s opinion is always helpful. A closet is a place to not over look. It provides you with so much extra storage you will be amazed. Closet storage works for any size of closet and at any age of the occupant. Your imagination is the limit!

A few closet sites to check out


Container Store