How to Organize Your Kid’s Schedules

This tip from Claire Keeling has made a tremendous difference in my family’s routine! Think about it… I make a “to do” list daily and I’m sure that most moms do too, otherwise they wouldn’t offer so many diffferent TO DO lists in all different styles at Target! But we unconsciously expect our young kids to keep track of their “to do” lists in their heads or, put the expectation on ourselves to keep track FOR them!

One of the biggest sources of stress for my kids post-divorce has been “the schedule.” When she hears that another family is divorced, my 8yo says, “Ugh. So they have to do ‘the schedule’ too!” After my conversation with Claire, I sat down with my kids to help them write out their daily and weekly schedules in little notebooks that they keep in their backpacks. For my pre-reader, we came up with symbols/pictograms for each task. We also have a sheet that shows when they’ll be at my house and when they’ll be at their dad’s. I can tell that this has really eased the pressure off them both… and guess what? It eases the pressure off of me too! Now as I make breakfast, all I have to say is, “What’s on your “to do” list?”

Both of them know the routine and check them off their list: get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, tea tree spray (when there was a lice infestation at school! LOL), shoes, coat, backpack, lunch box, car. I mean, seriously? That’s a long list!!!

Have you tried helping your kids organize their time? Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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  1. I do this too. there’s a morning checklist; homework deadlines & extracurricular activities are marked in their agendas (our school provides these) so that they can keep track of them. the key to it is checking them frequently enough: we do that every afternoon as they snack, then again before bed (feels great to mark things off!), and before we run out the door in the morning so that instruments, chess boards, and snacks are packed. I can tell it works because of the chaos that ensues when we forget!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lisa and for sharing your list… very helpful! The tangibility of the checklists are helpful for both my kids and ME!!! 🙂