How to Organize for Baby

cribSo here you are, standing in the middle of what used to be your guest room or office. Never did you think the slick blue gray walls would be painted over in robins egg blue; the industrial photos of the Madison St Bridge would be replaced by soft illustrations of favorite storybook characters. Yes, it’s time to get ready for baby. The crib is purchased the changing table is ready to be taken out of the box. Is there something you are missing? What other steps need to be taken to organize your space to make room for the special creature you are about to meet?

I know the need for perfection is what drives us when a new baby is on the way. Here are some simple steps to help you organize your space and to ensure this transition goes smoothly:

  1. It is a good time to create a space in your kitchen for baby items. If you are using bottles an open bin is perfect for storage because they tend to fall over easily. A smaller container for the nipples and tops works well also. Try using a small Rubbermaid container.
  2. A space for baby food, cereal, formula, spoons and bowls should be kept in one area. That way when you are doing everything one handed all the items you need are with in reach. Wire shelf dividers work well with getting more storage for the space.
  3. Keep a separate basket near a changing and feeding area for soiled clothes and spit-up clothes. You can practice your aim and keep those potentially stinky pieces in their place.
  4. The family room area is a great place to store diapers, wipes, socks, blankets and footy pajamas. This way if you have other children or a friend over you won’t have to truck up and down the stairs every time you need something. These can be stored away in bins with lids on the bottom of a bookshelf, end table or TV cabinet. If it is easier to leave out look for a decorative basket or container that seems part of your décor and style.
  5. In the baby’s room, keep the necessities you’ll need close at hand. This will help you avoid the conundrum you’ll be in if what you need is across the room and a naked poopy baby is lying on the changing table.  I love shelves. Utilize a bookshelf for supplies. Keep supplies in streamlined plastic containers. They will be easy to slip in and out of the shelf and also easy to clean. A free hanging shelf is a great addition to the baby room too. The shelf can be hung at your height and used for the things you need to keep your baby clean, warm and healthy. A note to remember, L shaped brackets are available at your local hardware store to brace the bookcase to the wall. Free hanging shelves should be hung at a height that your child will not be able to pull itself up on it.

Around your home see what can be simplified. Here are a couple hints to look at.

  1. In your family room clean up any extra magazines and knickknacks lying around. These are just visual clutter and will only remind you that you need to dust.
  2. Laundry room, make sure you clean off your washer and dryer, designate a bin for the baby clothes. If you wash these separately this will help. Properly store and arrange the laundry detergent and fabric softener. Make sure you have enough and you can reach it easily.
  3. Your bedroom- set aside a drawer or section in your closet for “quick grab” clothing. With all the getting up in the middle of the night and well wishers dropping over, a couple comfortable outfits that you can throw on will save you a lot of “it doesn’t fit” or “it’s too big” dilemmas.

This is a good start. A new era in your life is beginning.  Say goodbye to the guest room and hello to lullabies and primary colored toys. I hope these tools help you be prepared and organized so you can enjoy what really matters, you new bundle of joy. Let me know if you have any questions or some organizing for baby tips to share as well!

Expert Mommy, Julie Sprouse Verleger is the owner of Organized Home.


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