How to Open Up Your Life

If you are feeling claustrophobic in your life, perhaps what you need is a way to open it up! (video 4:53) How can you make connections between the different realms of your life?As part of Story Time on Looking Glass Lane, I’m reading from Susanka’s The Not So Big Life. In it she says, “What is needed is an integration of what we long for with what we work for. We don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.”

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  1. Ria – you are such an inspiration! Thanks!

  2. M&T are lucky to spend bedtime with such a pleasant reader 🙂

    Wonderful. I’m sure there is NO connection between Susanka’s analogy and my recurring dream of seeking through a too-large home with many doored-off rooms, familiar and yet not quite my own.

    I see the extension of her architecture metaphor in the relationship between the house and its lot. Or the individual and its surrounding community. In the contrast between wealthy neighborhoods, with large, old, beautiful, well-landscaped homes seated on lots large enough to provide some sheltering empty space; and the wannabe neighborhoods, a jumble of modest sixty year-old original ranches overshadowed by huge McMansion teardowns bulging at the edges of the lots.

    By the way, how does that lamp reflect the real you? 😛

  3. I love that lamp!!!!!!