How to Name Your Core Values

In the span of 24 hours I got this same message from two different sources, once from my dear friend Morgan who shared Writing Your Life Manifesto and the other from the Mondo Beyondo online class I just started this week. Morgan says a manifesto is “a public declaration of intentions.” So in the wee hours of the night last night, I set about the business of claiming mine.

Mondo Beyondo’s Lesson 3 is Identifying Your Core Values. Companies and organizations do it, and those declarations guide all their strategic planning. The United States has a constitution and again, it is these ideas that are the highest, guiding beliefs of our nation. We all take this constitution for granted. Have you ever asked yourself where these beliefs stand in relation to your own? How about the companies and organizations that you work for or support? Are they in alignment with your personal core values or personal constitution?

Our dreams take on a new life when we understand how what we long for is shaped by what matters to us the very most.” ~ Andrea Scher

Even as I began the exercise I could feel its power. Last night, a friend had just asked me quite pointedly, “What was so important for you to claim that you had to leave your marriage?” And I had replied, “Myself!” And yet it’s taken me the last 2 years from that pivotal decision for me to articulate WHO that is.

I started out using the process described in Mondo Beyondo, of picking out a few people I admire as models to help me arrive at 5ish words that are at my essence, the values that I want to honor most in my life right now. I combined that with Morgan’s fill-in-the-blanks. And finally, I consulted with my friend, Scott Ginsberg who just sent me his process (in <140 char): “5-8 words that are non-negotiables “honesty” “creativity” under which I have a verb-driven definition.”

So here’s mine:

Ria Sharon’s Personal Constitution, May 20, 2010

To see, to respect, to love my true and whole essence and the true and whole essence of others.

To operate from a place of core strength and connection to a deeper source

To be fully present in each moment; To show up passionately for The Dance

To speak and act in ways that are a reflection of my true self

To submit to a higher purpose

Part of the exercise is the declaration itself. Claiming the space. Planting a stake in the ground. Andrea asks us to share our core values with at least one person every day: Ask this friend to give you more examples of how they see these values in operation already; ask this person to remind you of the ways you’ve been longing to see this value develop and grow.

I pick you! So what do you think?

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  1. Zen Mommy says:

    i love this from you ria.

    we forget sometimes, being the “creative beings” that we humans are, that by definition, this means we get to play an active role in CREATING our lives!

    you live this well my friend.

  2. Thanks for this Ria – I will have to give it some thought. I love the idea of planting a stake consciously!


  3. And how beyond cool is this bracelet that I just got. I get to wear #1, along with a lot of other great mantras!


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