How to Make Room for Baby

room_for_babyYou are getting ready for a major change.  A new life in your house. It is exhilarating but can be a bit overwhelming in the preparation department. So how do you get your house ready. The first room on your agenda is the baby’s.

Where do you start?

The first step for your new infant is the paint color on the walls. What tone do you want to set for your room. Is is the soothing palette of pastels or warm tones like lime greens and turquoises and oranges.  What mood would you like to set for your little one? Another paint option is more neutral colors like tans, browns or off white. Then you can pick more vibrant colors in the furniture such as black, or red, or navy blue. Whatever you choose, once you have a paint color, you can coordinate furniture and bedding around it.

So now that you have chosen your paint color, picking a crib and bedding is next.

Choosing a crib that is well made and up to current safety standards is recommended. Many cribs today convert into a toddler bed once the child has grown out of it.  Some styles of beds take it even one step further and can convert into a regular twin size bed. These options are a little more expensive but sometimes are worth the investment so you don’t have to purchase kids furniture later.

Another essential is a changing table that focuses on functionality and can adapt as the baby grows. A convertible changing table would be one such item. It can be used as a dresser with the changing pad on top and when baby outgrows it, you have a nice dresser/amoire combination.

The next must have for the baby’s room is well made bedding in soft fabrics that are durable and will hold up for many washings.  If you choose fabrics that are adaptable for toddler, as the child grows, you can use the dust ruffle and crib sheet for a toddler bed/ room.

We also advise against any items in the crib other than a soft thin blanket  and a crib sheet. No heavy crib blankets or toys. Many crib sets today have the option of ordering a receiving blanket instead of a heavy quilt. However, some customers like using the quilt to hang on the wall or for use on the floor when playing with the baby.

Baby themed accessories like a diaper stacker, hamper and some plush stuffed animals are a nice touch. Another popular choice are wall letters in the baby’s name or the surname letter. Wall letters or wall stickies of animals or the theme chosen can add a special touch to the room.

Working with a company you feel can give personalized attention and make your baby’s nursery special and fun at the same time is the most essential ingredient when designing a nursery. It’s a fun adventure decorating a nursery and one that is thrilling and exciting!

Kim Gellman is the owner of, a fun and hip website that sells kids furniture, bedding, and room decor from baby to college age kids.


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