How to Make Holiday Keepsakes

So you’ve just created the perfect holiday card! And you’ve sent it to all your friends. But do you keep one for yourself? Do you have an archive of all your sweet, personalized cards from years past? That was my dilemma. Every year, we display all the cards we receive from everyone else and it’s so great to see how much all the children have changed from year to year. But what about your own? Their pictures aren’t really tugging on the heartstrings in some drawer or file folder, are they?

Since my kids were born, I’ve made ornaments out of our annual holiday card. Each one is a little different. One year, I found a company online that would actually print your picture on a glass ornament. I’ve used wooden picture ornaments and silver ones… it’s fun to see the collection grow. My kids looooove putting them up during our First of December Tree-trimming Extravaganza and ooohing and aaahing about their cute, changing selves!

Really… I’m NOT Martha!!! But not only is it a great way to preserve those holiday memories… it’s also a way to get my holiday projects to do double-duty! Practical, see?

Click to see the matching card and ornament!

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  1. the pictures on your card are adorable! we’ve decided this year to not do cards at the holidays and start a new tradition of sending valentine cards to our family and friends. gives me one less thing to think about in december.

  2. Smart! I was thinking ahead and really, this years was the easiest ever. I took the pics directly from my laptop!

  3. Great idea! Do you know the website that printed them for you? We can’t afford any cards this year 🙁 but hopefully next year we can and I will sure put this in mind.

    My Mom saved all the ornaments that I made and my siblings made in Elemetary school and every year she puts those up on her tree. It is so great to see how great artists we were (laughs)

    Every year when I see her tree I have to look at those and it brings back memories. Usually I help her put up the tree, but this year it was wayyyy too busy with a one year old and my Husband is back from Iraq. We now have our own place and our own little tree!

    Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless!!!

  4. Hey, Kimberly! I print my cards at If you are not already signed up for our newsletter, get on it because I send out a coupon code around the holidays. 🙂

    So happy to hear your family is together for Christmas. That is a blessing!


  5. Thank you so much! I got an email from you. Is that the newsletter?

    Have a great Holiday!

  6. What a great idea! Thanks so much for the tip! I don’t have really any ornaments as it is and I would love to save our cards in a fun way!