How to Make Daddy Freak Out!

Take the kids in for a shearing!


and AFTER…

Yikes! Okay… I have to admit that I was the one tearing up as the tresses tumbled to the floor. BUT it was my daughter’s idea and she really, really wanted to cut all her hair off. She picked the photo out from the book and there was nothing to dissuade her. So after all this preaching about positive choices and loving someone even if I don’t agree with their choices… well, it was time to walk the talk. It’s her hair, right?

But *sh_t*! Daddy is going to kill me!!!


  1. I hope you saved a bit of her hair! Glad it was her choice. Good mommying skills!

  2. i felt the same way when i cut the boy’s hair a month ago. the girls, on the other hand, would rather never have their hair cut. she looks cute!

  3. Thanks, ladies!!! She does love it. We’re going to Claire’s to get some headbands and accessories though… BEFORE we see Daddy! 🙂

  4. If you could see my SMILE right now! xo

  5. hahaha!! Aww, I love that her brother is in the same pose next to her ni both pics. I can’t believe you cut her hair but hey, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back :o)

    My mom… she never let me get my hair cut… ever! I still haven’t cut it yet (besides trims) now, looking back I’m glad. But I never really wanted to cut it anyway so… yea, haha.