How To Make an Alligator Puppet

This is an easy and fun way to make a homemade alligator hand puppet.  The things you will need to make this simple project are: 2 empty macaroni and cheese boxes, tape, glue, scissors, and construction paper (2 green, 1 red, and 1 white).

Wrap the empty boxes with green construction paper, but you can leave one large side uncovered.  Then trace the large side of the box onto red construction paper.  Cut the red piece out and glue or tape to the uncovered side of the box.  Preschoolers will be able to cut along the line and help glue or tape.  It is great practice for them and helps with their fine motor skills.  This step can be completely done with paint if you choose, but using construction paper allows for instant playing. 🙂

Place the two boxes together with red sides facing each other.  Cut off all flaps of the open end of the boxes except one large one (on the red side of one of the boxes).  Wrap that flap over the edge of the other box as pictured.  Tape it in place.

Now draw nostrils onto the box, or you can draw them separately and paste on (as pictured) below.  Draw eyes on white paper and cut out.  Be sure to remember a little extra tab to be able to attach them to the box.

Cut two long strips of white paper the length of the long side of the box and one strip the length of the short side.  Cut a jagged edge to the strip to look like teeth (younger children will need Mommy’s help with this one).  Glue or tape the teeth strips to the box.  Now attach the eyes and nostrils (if you decided to cut out nostrils) to the boxes.

Now you have a bona fide alligator hand puppet made out of ordinary household items!

What isn’t ordinary is the amusement of a child to build their own puppet.  Nothing says fun like a BIG chomp!

by Expert Mommy, Kim Young


  1. How cute! The younger children will love this. I guess my only question is how do you promote your site and reach the younger audience? This site is brilliant and deserves the exposure so parents, caregivers and teachers have ready access for their fun creative projects.

  2. This was awesome. My 3YO says “I want to make an alligator. I said yes before I knew where to start. This was great for him to work on with me!

    Zen Mommy Reply:

    yay!!! send us a pic! 🙂