How to Maintain Your Home with a New Baby

dishesIt’s 9:30 in the evening. The baby has been asleep for at least a couple hours and your other kids are tucked in bed. What’s next? The dishes, a load of laundry and pick up toys? You know, I’m just tired writing about this. Those are the last things you feel like doing aren’t they? I can’t help you have less dishes or laundry, but I can give you a couple tips and sure fire ways to make some of those tasks easier to handle. Yes, even your tired mommy self can do it, get to bed and be the “bestest” Mom in the world the next day.

  1. Dishes – I wish I had some magical way to eliminate this task, but alas it has to be done by the best of us. In the days of baby daze don’t sell yourself short, it’s okay to use paper plates. At least for a while until you have more of your wits about you. If you are using bottles (this works with sippy cups too) be sure to have them easily accessible. Holding a crying baby while trying to get a sippy cup of juice for your toddler or a bottle for the baby can be a juggling act. Isn’t it amazing how many things we can do with one hand? In the drawer or cabinet that houses these items, storing in an open bin is very useful. The bottle nipples with the plastic rings can be placed in a smaller container while the bottles in a larger one. Easy to grab and easy to put away, yes with one hand and half asleep.
  2. Laundry- I think most of us know that doing laundry a little here and there throughout the day eases being overwhelmed. It is helpful to separate the folded laundry into individual baskets for each member of your family. This way distributing the laundry to bedrooms and putting it away takes less time.
  3. Toys – When we have little ones running around our home, keeping tabs on all the toys can be a challenge. At this point ease it the key. A complicated toy storage system would be more work for you.  Keep toys in a basket or bin in a central area. This works especially with young children when you have to keep an eye on them at all times. Baby toys should be kept in a separate bin to control spreading of germs. Plus it is easier for you to grab them on the go and toss them back in. Once in a while dump the whole bin in a sink full of hot soapy water to clean and let air-dry.

Breaking down tasks into small bit size pieces keeps order and sanity in your home. Don’t be afraid to take short cuts to help you keep up. While your baby is little keep toys, pacifiers, and bottles with in arms reach. This flow allows us multi-tasking Mom’s to accomplish as much as we do. You can do it!  Focus on what is necessary and the other things can be taken care of later. Your little ones will remember hanging out with you and not the dust bunnies under the sofa.

Expert Mommy, Julie Sprouse Verleger is the owner of Organized Home.


  1. Breaking down tasks into small bit size pieces keeps order and sanity in your home. Don’t be afraid to take short cuts to help you keep up… both great tips, Julie. I think it’s important for moms to ALLOW and ACCEPT… a house pre-kids is nothing like a home with kids.

  2. julie, i love the practical approach here, “Keep toys in a basket or bin in a central area” this is something we do and it’s PRICELESS as a time saver. i used to want to sort and label holders for different kinds of toys… balls, cars, babies, etc…. but that only works to a point and can be a constant huge time suck. now each child has a chest or bin for toys in their rooms and the toys in the family room are kept on shelves behind a closet door.

    thanks for letting us all off the hook with the paper plates too. i think when the twins come this might be a good short term solution to support the Tucker family!