How to Love Your Toddler

We focus a lot on being ourselves and that magical time, before we learn to edit ourselves and SHOULD ourselves. We have heard how important it is to let that inner six year old come out and play. Indeed, it’s the whole concept behind our work with WAG and with Looking Glass Lane we fully embrace the power of that child-like Self. We embrace her… honor her, love her! The way we loooove our magical little children, THAT kind of love is the love that I wish for each of you for YOURSELVES! Let yourself be the toddler, the recipient of all the mushy, I-have-to-squeeze-you-because-I-can’t-stand-it affection.

In case you’ve forgotten what that little girl looks like, mommies… get comfy for 4 min and 18 sec. because it seems she has a story to share… about some baby monkeys who had taken a very long trip and some hippos who are allergic to magic!

And thanks to @sethsimonds for sharing!

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