How to Live Frugally, Part 2

Last week, Dina-Marie shared 20 tips on how to live frugally. She has 22 more….

1. Do not window shop in front of the refrigerator – Determine what you want to remove ahead of time to avoid unnecessary time spent with the fridge door open.
2. Wash your clothes when they are dirty – This may be after one wearing, but then again, maybe not until several wearings.
3. Hang your clothes out to dry – Save energy and get that fresh, line-dry smell in the summer.  In the winter, use a drying rack inside to help humidify your house, which is healthier and feels warmer!
4. Make your own laundry detergent – Homemade laundry detergent is easy and economical.
5. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable – They are both economical and “green.”
6. If applicable, nurse your baby – Nursing is definitely more economical than formula, healthy for the baby and helps you lose “baby weight”.
7. Plant a vegetable garden – Space is not an issue as even small areas can produce large amounts. Incorporate vegies into your flower beds. Read books pertaining to gardening to learn more.
8. Freeze or can your own vegetables. This is both economical and rewarding.
9. Plan your meals –  Monthly menu plans work great. Here is a free downloadable menu planner in either the weekly, 2-week, or monthly formats.
10. Make a master grocery list of staple items – Go through your pantry and make a list of each item you stock and routinely use. Once you have your list, make an Excel worksheet of it. Then when you shop monthly, print off a copy, check your pantry, mark what you need, add items based on your menu and you are ready to go!
11. Shop for groceries once a month – This sounds overwhelming, but with a master list it becomes easy. ***Planning meals combined with monthly shopping from a master list cut my grocery bill by over 60%.
12. Drink more water and less soda – Save not only money but also empty calories and decrease sugar intake.
13. Make-it-yourself
14. Fix-it-yourself
15. Do-it-yourself
16. Cut your own hair – at least your husband’s and sons’. Having 1 husband (of 25 yrs) and 7 sons, at $5 per haircut every 2 months, I figure that I have saved over $3,000!
17. Eat out less  or not at all.
18. Fix your lunch and carry it with you – This option is healthier and you are able to control the ingredient, calorie and fat content of your food.
19. Don’t eat out at all – Homemade meals are healthier as well as more economical.
20. Use the local library – Depending on the size of your local library, they will have many current books and videos/DVDs and are able to order ones they do not have on the shelf.
21. Discontinue cable – Stop watching television. Read books together (from the library) and make more quality family time together.
22. Discontinue cell phones – This is not a popular option in our society. I found that for 1/2 the price of two cell phones and dial-up internet, we can have high speed wireless internet with voice over internet as a phone service while still maintaining a trac phone for emergency use.

As a final word, as my husband says, “Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without!”

Expert Mommy, Dina-Marie Oswald