How to Let Your Kid Come Out to Play

zumwaltMy name is Allie. I am a very happy and proud mom of two little fraggles (a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy). I like to think that I am a good Mom (making many mistakes and learning valuable lessons along the way) but the jury is still out on whether I do my job well—time will only tell. My kiddos may get me the T-shirt that claims that they have “The Best Mom in the World” (they are slightly biased) but I will wait to see if they are still saying that when they are thirty-something.

When I was six years old, I am pretty sure I wanted to be a boy. That probably sounds like a psychiatrist’s dream to say something like that but, whatever!!! Boys were good at everything, they could go topless anywhere, and they did not have to wear big, annoying, bows in their hair.

I wish I could say that my six year old self would say something so profound to me–full of wisdom and and life changing but probably not.  Most likely, my six year old self would tell me two things that would go something like this: “You have a big old honkin’ piece of broccoli in your teeth” and “Remember that I am still in here somewhere and I LOVE it when you let me out to play.”

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  1. Playing outside is a great time for the kids. Especially when they have their playmates waiting for them.