How to Laugh with Friends

monnieMy name is Monnie Brodbeck and I am the mom of two loving, happy girls, Hannah (age 6) and Lydia (age 3) and a sweet golden retriever named Tenakee.  My husband, Steve, and I are a team as we play, work, laugh, and explore as a family. We all enjoy the outdoors and find joy in adventures of all kinds. When I was six, I wanted to ride my horse everyday and play outside.

I lived on a horse ranch in South Dakota where I played outdoors everyday, creating imaginary games and playing with horses, dogs, and cats.  If my six year old self could give me advice, she would say, “Keep it real.  Be all that you want to be and love your happy life. Have fun and laugh with friends!!” Monnie is the force behind the Original WAG, a group in which a woman can experience “adventures” and all the personal growth and empowerment that come with them, with the support and the security of her girlfriends.

Join Monnie on My Mommy Manual’s Discussions page. where she and her WAG Women will be sharing how and why she started her WAG, “As moms and as women, we need things that are all about us. It really is an opportunity to celebrate together, to explore and to learn and to have a good time.”


  1. Monnie-You nailed it!!! I am part of Monnie’s Wag group and she did a great job of describing the foundation of WAG. It is really so much fun and such an amazing experience to put yourself out there will a group of women that you might not be with in your everyday life. I look forward to WAG each month and love the diversity in the group of women. Love ya Monnie, Julie

  2. Colleen Wilson says:

    I LOVE WAG!!!! I hope everyone that hears our story finds a WAG of their own. It is truly a special part of my life. Great job on the video ladies-love you all !!!

  3. monnie,
    oh to being eternally 6 at heart. this is your vision!!! and WAG’s… and such a fabulous discussion for us to be having as women and moms ongoingly.

    we are sooooooo thankful to have you and the love and joy you bring here on MyMommyManual. looking forward to the adventure!!!

  4. if you like this and want more info, go to our discussion tab above and join in. just signup w email address, enter a name and password and you’re good.

    i just started a WAG forum for us to share about getting some of these groups started across the US. bring it on ;p