How to Honor the Seasons

springSpring. I am watching the tulips burst open with such force I can practically hear them. It’s amazing how the ground that was so still just a few months ago, is now surging with life. I’m noting how our lives are cyclical too. A part of me died in the fall, with the autumn leaves. I spent the winter in introspection, understanding and filing away the lessons from my past. Along with the daffodils, I’ve felt the forward momentum of spring.

I’m amazed that all the “internal work” that took place over the winter is actually manifesting in external activity and growth. This is how it is with the seeds and the bulbs, building up and storing up all their energy before they make their glorious appearance. But it won’t always be a heady rush towards the sun, either. I’m sure the pace of growth will slow to a sustainable pace during the summer and then bring me around again to the fall.

I have never quite marked the seasons in this way before. Have you?

* * *

Today I am reborn

Today is a new beginning

Today my soul moves forward

Today my spirit is finally set free

Today I shed my cocoon of safety

Today I live without fear…

~Caroline Manrique

(hat tip to @thezeninyou)

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  1. Thank you for this poetic post. A joy to read.

    “…the “internal work” that took place over the winter is actually manifesting…”
    i loved this line the most. that it is…that it IS ;p

    to spring!