How to Help Your Baby Breastfeed

Is your infant having trouble latching on? Dr. Colleen Stratton helps nursing moms and their infants by making sure there are no cranial issues preventing them from achieving a good connection. Video (3:53)

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  1. Wow! This is such an awesome post. This is exactly the issues my son had. He was tongue-tied, but even after we had the surgery he couldn’t nurse. So we had cranio-sacral therapy and it helped him to finally nurse at the age of 6 months!!! I wish more people knew about cranio sacral therapy. It is amazing. I have a post on my blog about what happened to us.

    Check it out if you want. I’m following your blog now from MBC!

  2. This site such a boon for Mothers. Here they can get many worthy tips and suggestion to keep their baby fit and fine.