How to Help Prevent Childhood Deaths

Tomorrow, we want your help! Monday, June 29, My Mommy Manual is helping raise money for the June 12 for 12k Challenge. Why? Because EVERY DAY, 25,000 children die from a preventable cause! 12 for 12k has partnered with UNICEF’s Believe in Zero campaign to provide basic and affordable interventions to save children’s lives. Watch this VIDEO (3:07)… it explains why vaccines are so important.

PLEASE JOIN US! By contributing $10, YOU can help provide safe drinking water to 400 children. By contributing $20, YOU can help provide 50 notebooks and pencils to kids in school, and YOUR $40 can provide measles vaccines for 150 children.

Be there for the 24-hour Video and Tweetathon Fundraiser… PRIZES, FUN, GAMES!!! Gotta love it!

Practical Mommy and Zen Mommy and the other ladies of Looking Glass Lane will be celebrating the six-year olds WITHIN for Believe in Zero at 8 pm (CST). There will be party games (and props!). Come PLAY and TWEET it out!

With your time, treasure, and talent…we’ve already achieved success!


  1. such an AWESOME thing to be a part of. PLEASE join us for giggles and fun with the girls tonight and RT the heck out of this link. I’d love to see this night and #12for12K’s effots go through the roof for kids!!!! just think what not drinking 2 or 3 coffee drinks could do for 400 kids who need water.

    thanks all for supporting this in whatever way you can. TIME~ TREASURE~ RT’s !!

  2. Wow! Great point, ZM. Yeah… 2 lattes or 400 kids.

  3. PM, I was just about to say that too! That is a great way to think about it…One dinner out or measles vaccines for 150 kids!

    When you think about it, there are so many ways that you could save a few dollars and help sooo many kids 🙂

  4. Love seeing that counter going up and it’s only 10 am!!!!

  5. Great video,

    Sad I missed your bit on the 12for12k video…

    Thanks for all you do!


  6. thanks doc!! what a great event to be a part of. did you catch ria in her bikini up there? and ria, i will forever love you for playing Ray Lamontangne, my “boyfriend” as my husband says…during our dock jump ;p muah!!! luv you girl. could not be more proud to work with someone as i am to be your parnter!

  7. This is a really great step to be taking.. I respect you for taking the initiative to become a part of this appeal. I’d like to be able to join in promoting causes similar to this also when it is possible.
    Hopefully the counter can continue to climb steadily right up until July the third!

  8. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us and giggled! Red balloons are so much fun!!! Thanks to the Looking Glass girls, @DannyBrown and all our supporters and friends. If you missed it, don’t let it stop you from CLICKING on ChipIn widget. OPEN until July 3.