How to Grow a Healthy Baby

Dr. Colleen Stratton shares her Top 3 tips on pregnancy nutrition. It’s not just the fruits and vegetables… but protein, water, and omega 3 fatty acids. Video (2:51)

Dr. Colleen’s supplement recommendations:
Prenatal vitamin (with a minimum of 1000mg folic acid, no sugar, no dyes)  ex. Metagenic’s FemPrenatal
Omega-3 fish oil (DHA content of 300mg) ex. Coromega’s OmegaBaby
Probiotic (minimum of 20 billion/day)

I come from a whole line of women who had terrible “morning sickness.” My mom swore by cucumbers. What about you? Do you have any tips for pregnancy tummy troubles?

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  1. Hi Ria and Dr. Colleen, this is Nicole from Coromega. We just watched your video about prenatal nutrition and wanted to thank you for recommending us as a great source of omega-3s!

    Like you both mentioned, most expecting moms have trouble taking omega-3s because of the fish burps, but Coromega OmegaBaby was created specifically to be gentle on mothers’ stomachs with no fish taste at all. The yummy peach flavor also tastes delicious mixed in smoothies!

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  2. You know, everyone recommended ginger, and it didn’t work for me. I tried to the point where the smell of ginger makes me nauseous. I did find that keeping a bland diet worked pretty well, and cutting down on sugars by eating rice ice cream instead of regular for example helped.

  3. Melody, I’ve tried ginger for colds but I can definitely see how it would make you nauseous too! Cutting down the sugars helped me with acid reflux for sure. Ahh… all the joys of pregnancy are coming back to me! 🙂

  4. Nicole, thank you so much for your offer. That’s great. We can include that in our newsletter too. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Of course – we hope your readers enjoy it! Have a great weekend!