How to Get Your Toddler to Bed

We’ve been having struggles getting my 3yo to bed in a timely manner of late, so my son and I just made a “good night chart” that I’m hoping will help him get to bed and STAY THERE! I printed out a bunch of pictures from Do 2 Learn and asked him to color all the ones he thought had something to do with going to bed. He selected “take off clothes”, “put on pajamas”, “put on toothpaste” (to symbolize brushing teeth…he liked it better than the actual brushing teeth one), “bath”, “sleep”, “television” (he likes to watch “the Good Night Show” on Sprout as a calming activity in the evening), “no crying”, and “no kicking” (which he said means no getting out of bed). We also selected a food picture and he drew a circle with a line through it to show no eating after bath.

After he selected his pictures and colored the ones he wanted, I helped him cut them out. We then talked about what order they should go in and he glued them on the paper. The actual activities formed a column with the “no” ones off to the side as a reminder. I wrote a starting and ending time on the chart along with pictures of what those times look like on the clock in the living room. I’m going to hang it on the bathroom door, where we have a number of other family business papers he is familiar with. My son is quite pleased with his chart.

Contributed by Chris Keith.