How to Find Your Passion

As part of our series on providing tips for mom entrepreneurs, I interviewed Elena Verlee, a successful mom entrepreneur herself who has started and sold several companies. Now, she is helping others get buzz for their businesses as well as coaching people on turning their passions into business ideas! Listen to Elena’s inspired tips and find YOUR passion!

Interview with Elena Verlee (AUDIO 3:48)

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You can find Elena at and @ElenaVerlee on Twitter.

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  1. It’s really very inspiring post which is full of worthy suggestion. I am quite concern with this thing that if we use our patience in right business then it would be definitely beneficial for us. I am feeling very confident after reading this post.

  2. Being passionate about something does not necessarily mean it will be a successful business venture. It is easier to turn your passion into profits, if it is something you’re good at. Mastering your brilliance will compound your financial success

  3. Adalia, you are absolutely right. Being passionate does not guarantee success. Elena and I have talked about this too… passion comes into play because it becomes the driving force that will allow you to stick with it when the going gets rough. Per your comment, passion may inspire you to master a new skill and become good at something which will allow you to turn your passion into profits.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. I love brief interviews, yet with so much impact. Tip #3 is a biggie, but have learned over the years – Go For It! Dream big, then follow-up with ACTION, ACTION ACTION! It’s the baby steps that get you there. Oh, and be patient.

  5. I really admire you. Although have passion will not alwarys succeed, but if you want to success you must have passion ~