How to Find Your Muse

Yesterday I got an inspiring message on a tub of sour cream!

It was just for me. For right then, in the moment (just like Zen Mommy said). It inspired me to write about kindness (you’ll see that shortly.)

Calliope is the muse of epic poetry. A muse is the personification of inspiration, that which guides one in the creative process. Calliope was said to inspired Homer to write the Odyssey. But not all of us are destined to write epic poetry! I’m not expecting lightning to strike.

The muse I am interested in is more of the every day variety. What is it that inspires you, every day? Or, in the course of one day? It can be a little thing. Something or someone or an idea that takes your breath? Or makes your heart race a bit faster than normal? For me, today, it was the sound of my son laughing uncontrollably.

Who is your muse? Where do you find her?

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  1. get out of my head! i have been mulling the idea of muse over for two days…as i have been extremely insired these days by music of every kind…including but not limited to ray lamonagne. i love the idea of being a muse and looking for the many muses in my life at the same time. my children, my partner shawn (also called a husband but i much prefer “partner” as this is what we truely are at the core…partners), music, a good book…the moonlight. i will ponder on this a bit more. anyone else out there like the idea of BEING a muse in the lifetime!??! we can’t be the only ones…