How to Find Mommy Quiet Time Through Yoga

yogaA woman must love and care for herself before she can successfully love and care for her family. Through the practice of yoga, women can devote a small portion of their day to developing a healthy body, peaceful mind and joyful spirit. The practice of yoga not only releases stress, tension, and anxiety but it helps bring focus and calmness into the mind.

The mind is astonishingly powerful. Yoga helps harness this power through meditation and focus on the breath, relieving negative, incessant thinking—something many of us do often and without awareness. Regular practice creates calmness, harmony and a positive outlook. When the body and mind are happy and healthy, we are less distracted and have more energy to connect on a deeper level to what some may call the soul or spirit. We can be truly present in our lives.

Yoga improves the health and well-being of our bodies and mind. It stretches and tones our muscles, promoting strength, flexibly and balance. Through stretching and twisting poses, yoga detoxifies by increasing blood circulation to all areas of the body and gently massaging organs and glands. This improves the functioning of the immune system. As a woman becomes more aware of her body, she is better able to detect signs of imbalances and detect early signs of any illness. With clarity of mind and a healthy body she is more connected to her wisdom and intuition.

Study after study has shown that people who practice yoga reap many rewards. Yoga can help insomnia, relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, improve mood and significantly improve health. Perhaps most interesting is a study that recommends yoga in lieu of hormone therapy for some women. The study, which is reported on the physician’s reference website, Medscape, notes that yoga can “not only can prevent and treat the perimenopausal syndrome but also can help in preventing many of the stress-related problems of the modern lifestyle.”

The daily practice of yoga raises our level of awareness and consciousness, helping us connect to truth and goodness. Yoga is healing and transformative. It makes us better parents and better people.

Jennifer Moore, RN, MS, BSN, one of our Expert Mommies is the owner of Pink Heels™ a successful career and business coaching company. More information can be found about Pink Heels™ and Jennifer Moore at


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