How to Envision Your 2010

During our first My Mommy Manual meeting of 2010, Zen Mommy and I created our vision boards for the year. We regularly spend time on goal setting and using our LEFT brains to figure out the ways we will “grow connection” in the world. So it FELT great to tap into our right brain wisdom!

So here’s what came up for us!


It was great fun and incredibly insightful. We invite you to do the same, whether its for your career, your personal and/or family life. Share your insights with us here!

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  1. I just went to my 3rd Annual Vision Board party at my neighbor’s house. It’s great for us gals to stop and be creative with each other. We don’t always get the chance to socialize because our lives are so busy, but it’s great to see what each of us are at work on through the year. It made for a very sweet afternoon. I keep mine above my desk as a daily reminder of what I’m working toward.

  2. That’s awesome, Jen! I’ve always thought that would be a fun party! We’d love for you to be able to share your work too! If you have a flickr page, feel free to leave link or you can post to our facebook page!