How to Dream BIG

You may know that I’ve signed up for the May session of Mondo Beyondo. I first heard about it from  Heidi Howes. She explained that it was all about dreaming BIG. Most of us train ourselves to have dreams that are “attainable” or “reasonable” — dreams that we think we have a fair chance of achieving. But the idea behind a “MONDO BEYONDO list” is reaching far; declaring and writing down those truly outrageous dreams that require a leap of faith.

For example, learning how to dance, silly and bizarre and “impractical” as that is, is a dream that required no more from me than a commitment to show up at COCA every week for 13 weeks. That’s all. But declaring that I want to go to Buenos Aires for 4 months and live tango, now that’s a mondo beyondo dream!

Getting from A to B, as in little dreams to BIG dreams, I’m finding is not a one-step process either. For me, it requires a little coaching. So here goes… step-by-step, for 5 weeks.

The session began on Monday, May 17 but you can join anytime. And our assignment was to remember the dreams we had as children. Because of course, as children, we don’t edit ourselves nearly as much. I know my kids still have BIG dreams — to be dancers, rock stars and scuba divers. So what did I dream about when I was a 10-year old? This is what I shared in the discussion group:

I wanted to be writer like Jo in Little Women. I wanted have an attic room in Rome, overlooking the Piazza right near the Hotel Bernini. I dreamt of moving to the States (which I did when I was a teen). I dreamt of traveling all over the world (which I have).

I wanted to work with animals (I have two dogs) and to own a horse (but no horse).

What did you dream about? The point of it is to tap into vulnerability and source the support of your peers. So, I dare you! 🙂 Share it here or, click on this link and join me and the 129 other people who are dreaming MONDO BEYONDO!

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photo credit: Mondo Beyondo


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Mondo Beyondo!

    Here is one of my dreams:

    To own a bookshop/journal boutique in southern Italy and live above it in a flat with two verandas- one facing east and one facing west where I could drink my espresso watching the sunrise and drink my vino watching the sunset.

    We could be neighbors? 😉