How to Dig Deeper

I published this article on Looking Glass Lane last week. How I love my clubhouse peeps for your comments!

gavel(FYI, the headline is the Prologue to Eat, Pray, Love)

My girlfriends got together recently… ostensibly to talk shop but the conversation was quickly monopolized by another topic. No, it wasn’t sex! It started when one of the girls started in on a story, “You know how you tell yourself something to disguise what you are really telling yourself?” Smirks and chuckles all around. “Last night, we went out to dinner and I found myself taking the time to look extra nice. I told myself it’s because we don’t do fancy dinners often… it was a special occasion… I wanted to feel good about me… all true.”


“But underneath all those reasons was the other one, the one that’s uglier, that I didn’t want to look at… that Julie was going to be there and she’s been a bitch to me for years and frankly, I’m a lot better looking than she is.” LOL.

Also true.

That conversation has replayed itself in my mind a million times since then and can’t help but make me giggle, not only because I love my friend so much for being so boldly honest with us and with herself. She has inspired me to be equally as truthful about my inner dialogue. Now, not only do I ask myself, Why? (as I am so prone to do) but then I ask myself… Why really?

Most recently at this week’s clubhouse meeting when we all admitted to a certain amount of social-media fatigue. I asked myself, why do I work as much as I do? The answer that pops up most readily is, because I have to. The wheels must keep turning. I have a to-do list a few miles long. People are counting on me to be productive. All true. But why really? What’s the ugly, scary thing that I’m hiding behind that answer? That like a shark, if I stop moving, I’ll stop breathing.

Alices… why? Why really?

Tell the truth.

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