How to Deal with Temper Tantrums… Um, Yours!

When it’s your lid that’s about to pop, what do you do? It’s the same ol’ “Bad Mom” conversation again… am I a terrible mom because I just screamed at my kids? What am I teaching my kids? On the other hand, what am I teaching my kids if I pretend that I’m NEVER angry and never lose my cool? I happen to think that when we don’t express our emotions or overly judge our emotions, we are teaching our kids to do the same… and that it’s bad for them to feel anything other than happy, happy, happy.

But what do you do with anger, frustration, or fear?

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And you? What do you to keep a lid on it BUT still let the steam out?

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  1. Great thing to look at. How to we manage our frustrations as parents. Cause how we manage… that is what we are teaching our kids. They are watching what we do far more than they are soaking in what we say. the whole breathing, counting… leaving the room all work for me. also apologizing when i do lose it. it happens and that’s life as you write above ria, not the end of the world. kids learn from that too.

    i do not like hearing parents cursing though and hope we can get control before it reaches 4 letter words time. but if it happens, you can always apologize and “do over”. yogi parenting has seriously come in handy for dealing with frustration. link under Best Bets tab above then goto positive parenting. would love to hear what others are doing/think about this.