How to Communicate with Your Teen

Recently, I’ve been totally dumb founded by a couple of conversations with my 8-year old girl, when something I say that I think is trivial like, “I’m turning on the timer for your homework.” is the cause of major hysteria! WTF?! A recent interview with one of our Guest Experts, Vanessa Van Petten, author of the book, You’re Grounded gave me some great insight into the brains of tweens and teens. Apparently, they think in superlatives, almost exclusively! So how we use this fact to communicate more effectively with our drama queens? Vanessa tells us…

Have you experienced this black or white thinking with your teen? How did you deal with the situation and what was the outcome?

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  1. Hi – this video about talking to your teens and tweens was really helpful! I am always trying a calmign tone telling my daughter everything will be fine (and operatign in grey) and it does upset her. Thanks for sharing that tip!