How to Care for Your Preemie in the NICU

Mom of preemie, Nicole Bohorad shares some tips on how you can participate in the care of your infant in the NICU. Nicole attests that support and being empowered with knowledge goes a long way. So although no one plans or hopes to go into labor prematurely, take a few moments to listen in the event that you do!

Nicole has also shared this tip sheet with additional information and resources on caring for your premie: Parentville Preemie Resources

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  1. This is fantastic. thanks god luckily mine weren’t preemies but great advice!!!! thanks..

  2. Infant caring is really a very conscious task. But the tips which you have given here would make easy and effective this task.

  3. It is very much difficult to take care of your Infant. Lot of things to be kept in our mind while taking care of an infant baby, Thanks for sharing this informative video with us.Thanks for the post.

  4. Yes, it’s tricky isn’t it because no one plans on having a preemie and yet it makes a difference to be prepared. I’m hoping that pregnant women can store this information away somewhere in that quickly filling mommy brain and access if necessary! 🙂