How to Build Your Network

pigeonsEvery day, I am impressed by all the cool and interesting things women are doing. I’ve already talked about my friend Gail and the Global Hugs Tour. But there are so many others. Kathy is developing college curriculum for aspiring women entrepreneurs, Jennifer is encouraging kids to use their imagination (more on that soon), Diann is saving a school… all are women and moms who are giving their passion to the world. I know that this isn’t an easy thing. I constantly struggle with feelings of doubt or battle being overwhelmed by all the things I have to do all and/or all the things I have to figure out how to do! I couldn’t do it without the support of my network.

Belonging to a community seems to come naturally to a lot of women. Many of you have probably already seen the Kelly Corrigan’s Pigeon video. It’s natural to yearn for a flock. In my own experience, there’s no better way to accomplish a goal than by working together. But what if you don’t have one? How do you cultivate your flock? Or, as Seth Godin says, your Tribe.

You create it. And build it. And feed it. You connect with others who share similar passions or who have complementing skill sets. Okay… but where do you find these people? This is where I get to be the Social Media Evangelist. I know that there are some people that get uncomfortable with Facebook or Twitter. The idea of putting yourself out there can be unfamiliar or scary. My assertion is that these are just tools that help you identify REAL people that you want to connect with… because you have similar interests or could help each other. But if you don’t share of yourself, you may never make that connection.

My latest playground is LinkedIn. I’ve been really blown away by the level of engagement and participation in this network. I connected with the awesome folks at Viewpoints through LinkedIn. I’ve gotten great feedback and input from parents on LinkedIn. If you want to get the most out of this network, connect with my friend, Lewis. He shares his secrets on and he’s hosting LinkedIn Success Week starting March 1. If you have a chance to catch up with him in any of the cities on the tour, do it! I am! Come find me!

If online networks aren’t how you roll, that’s fine… join a book club, a gym, a tango class, a playgroup, a Meetup (Oops! That’s a Social Media too).

Oh yeah… and connect with me on LinkedIn.