How to Boost Your Mood: 7 Easy Ideas

Put energy into helping another person. I work to make my daughter's annual Father Daughter Dance special. We have tea and do her nails to get ready.

Mental Health Breaks for Short-Attention-Span People

Life is a long-term self improvement project. Sometimes we just need a little break to help us feel better fast. Here are some ideas.

1. Take a Real Lunch Break

On the second School Snow Day this winter, I hit a rut. Trying to work from home with high energy kids was driving me nuts. Around lunch time, my friend Alyssa and her kids stopped over on their walk around the block. We scrounged up lunch together. I chucked work for an hour, the kids played and the mood of the house lifted. Alyssa and I concluded we probably both had Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The symptoms of which include craving carbs and hating snow. Check and check. We surfed the web for hundred dollar lights that would solve all our problems. But it was visiting with a friend that broke my winter blues. Tip: Call someone. Get out and have lunch.  

2. Get a New Job or at Least Apply for One

Whenever I get frustrated at my job, which seems like often lately, it’s very therapeutic to go online and apply for jobs. I just basically look for the word marketing and hit apply on whatever I find. It feels great. Tip: Use Careerbuilder, Theladders or Monster, whatever works. I think there are even batch apply functions. Try submitting for jobs like CEO or prima ballerina for kicks.

3. Peel Some Skin

Now, I said easy ways to boost your mood, I didn’t say cheap. Getting a deluxe treatment like a facial peel can boost your mood for days. It makes me feel like I’m proactively taking aging by the horns. And we all know looking our best helps us be our best. So far I’ve only been able to afford one. But it was wonderful. Tip: Book some you-time today.

4. Do Something Out of Your Norm

My seven-year-old daughter and husband attend a very special Father-Daughter Dance once a year. For my part, I help my daughter get dressed up. This year, I painted her nails with the black nail polish she had chosen. I decided to try it too. My daughter said, “It makes you look younger, mom, like 39.” I gasped and asked if she meant 29.

“39,” she said “That’s younger for you.” Ouch but true. However, the nail polish does put a little spring in my step. Tip: Shake up your beauty routine with something new.

5. Read Down One Article in Your Inbox Box

It’s a sign of the times. Working or stay at home, we all have overflowing inboxes with tabbed folders of stuff we should read. Tip: Want to feel good with a buzz of accomplishment? Read one article. Then, delete it or send it on to someone else with a clever note that makes you look smart. Also memorize one factoid out of the article and quote it in conversation for an extra boost of feel-good vibrations.

6. Pump Yourself Up

My son was singing We Will Rock You at the dinner table the other night, “We will, we will, rock you… sock you,” and finally he said, “fock you.”

I asked him what he said. He repeated, “Fock you.” I told him we don’t say that. I didn’t correct the sock part of the lyrics. It seems harmless enough. But, music does have a way of pumping us up. Tip: For a quick mental lift, download a fresh new ringtone for your phone. Then turn up the volume and call yourself often.

7. Let Something Go

I recently watched the Scrubs episode where the hospital staff goes to the beach. The husbands were admiring the blonde Dr. Elliot’s bikini. Then the beautiful Nurse Carla, who is a mom, came out wearing a tankini. The husband’s all grimaced and called it a momsuit. Sadly, it was my black swim suit only cuter. I started thinking about bikinis and wondering if they even make them in my size.

My friend Kimberly holds a winter solstice party with a bonfire to celebrate her girlfriends. We are invited to burn items of clothing that make us feel bad—too small, not in style or attached to bad memories. It’s a way of jettisoning old attitudes that hold us down. Anyway, my black momsuit is gone. It turns out they not only make bikinis (with skirts and ample fabric) in larger sizes, they make stylish jeans, pants, and skirts bigger too. Tip: Dare to live in style whatever your size right now. Light up that back yard grill and kiss your 1996 jeans goodbye.

by Expert Mommy, Margee Moore


  1. This gave me a good chuckle. I like the tips, but I like the stories that go along with them more. LOVE the idea for the solstice party. Excellent.