How to Be Patient

Mommy, are we almost there? Mommy, I want a snack NOW! Mommy, WHEN can we watch the real Peter Pan? I find myself repeating the chorus… BE PATIENT!

When I’m not being bombarded with “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” I’ve often stopped to muse about whether those are empty words. If as Michaela likes to remind me, in the Yogi Parenting approach, children don’t hear your words but model your behavior… do I model patience?

Let’s see… when I was getting them ready for school this morning, “Hurry and get dressed or you won’t have time to eat!” or yesterday, “We gotta go or we’ll be the last ones at pick-up. Again!” Yikes!

patienceEven in my professional life, I find myself constantly RUNNING from one project to the next, impatient for results. And yet as this image so aptly illustrates, chasing down every fish is not the only way to catch them. In fact, stillness and patience yield remarkably effective results.

It’s summer. My first grader got her summer homework. I think I got mine.


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  1. lol. summer homework what a GREAT way to look at this ria. ;p …. stillness…patience…!!!!

  2. Really needed this reminder this morning. Lucca was monstrous when he woke up…and I was stressed. (Not a good combo). I have MY summer homework cut out for me too.
    Thanks Ria!

  3. I’m with ya, Miss M! Everything’s great when… everything’s great but if there’s a deadline looming or I’ve got a lot on my mind… “vertical alignment” goes straight out the window.

    One day, my little ones will realize the time outs are for me!!! 🙂 Breathing. Breathing.