How to Be an Angel

angel(It’s kinda like being a hero!)

I dropped my phone on the sidewalk one day. I was still on the mend from my surgery and it was really painful to bend down. I must have hesitated for a moment because I heard a small voice call out, “I’ll get that for you!”

When I looked up, about a block and a half away was a little girl on a bike who looked to be about all of six years old. She hopped off, picked my phone out of the grass and handed it to me, and continued on her way. I think she was an angel.

During that whole ordeal, I was touched my so many angels — angels who held me, angels who drove me to doctors, angels who made me lunch, angels who took care of my kids. This one… she didn’t even know me. She was a little girl on a bike who for some reason, was moved to say something in that one moment before I hurt myself trying to get that phone.

You never know when you will be someone’s angel. I had a friend once who used to tell me, “You do what you do.” I get that… NOW! (Sometimes, I’m slow!) If that girl had been too shy or fearful, she wouldn’t have said anything. But she wasn’t shy. She was just being herself; riding her bike.

What you are moved to say or do at any moment (if you allow it to happen)… could very well be the answer to someone’s prayer.

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  1. I hope you are well after surgery. There are angels everywhere sometimes we choose not to see them. Hopefully more times than not we choose to see them. Get healthy!

  2. PM, you speak Billy-ese:

    “you do what you do what you do and the light comes through”

    — Billy Jonas, from the song “My Life so Far” – one you’d like, I think.