How to Be a Successful Single Mom

I’m a new single mom… as in, I officially became a single mom in January 2009. So, I’m very honored and a little nervous about being on Single Mom Revolution on BlogTalkRadio today with Honoree Corpron, author of The Successful Single Mom and Morgan Day Cecil. Tune in at Noon CST… I’m hoping I’ll learn a lot from these two experts! 🙂

Honoree, also a successful life coach shared some great nuggets during the hour-long program:

Most people make a challenge bigger in their heads than it actually is. Or they get themselves so worked up over a challenge that they forget that there is a way out of the challenge. And the way out challenge is to focus on what it is you want to create.

The BHOGs, the Big Hairy Audacious Goals that we all have… something that you are really excited about creating, you can’t worry at the same time that you care making things happen. Or, you can’t be a victim and a victor at the same time.

Don’t marinate in your bull**it!

Monitor the real estate between your ears!

The bigger the person, the bigger the challenge.

Have a listen. It was great to share some of the things I’ve never really addressed directly here before. Thank you to Morgan and Honoree for providing a platform to share them.

One thing I did bring up in the conversation is that you don’t have to be a single mom to feel alone. This is our goal here at MMM, to dispel the untruth of alone-ness, as is the goal of the Single Mom Revolution.

Are you a married mom? A single mom? When and where do you feel connection? Leave your written or audio comments below!