How to BE a Mom That Matters

suzannefamily22A few months back, I nominated Zen Mommy for Why Moms Matter. Frankly, I can’t even remember what I wrote in that original nomination… which asked why she inspires me. I’m sure that I gushed! But quite honestly, a day doesn’t go by that Suzanne doesn’t inspire me in some way so that was a tricky question to answer in “sound bites.” The cool thing is that I got to gush all over her again, this time on BlogTalkRadio. I was so grateful for the opportunity to do that, to highlight our friendship and connection. Thank you, Danielle (@ExtraordMommy of! And thank you, Mom Faves!


  1. I’m three shades of red. Thank you practical mommy… it was an honor to be a guest on this show with you that, in the end, was more about connection than just me (I hope). Fav is in the middle when we get to talk about ideas of using loving touch with tots and kids of all ages. Not just for babies anymore!!!

  2. For all our visitors and fellow admirers of the ZM, you will love listening to her IN HER BLISS on this BlogTalkRadio segment. I don’t think she says, “um!” even once when she’s talking about her work with Loving Touch! Talk about living her purpose! 🙂