How To Be a Hip Mom

No more excuses moms … here are 5 quick easy tips on how to be a hip mom. The best part — these 5 things take less than 10 minutes! You’ll look and feel great …and you’ll thank me.

Expert Mommy, Catherine Horgan


  1. I love these tips, Catherine. Simple. No sweats. No gym shoes. Easy.

    Here’s are some other thoughts to go with those from Practical Mommy: make it easy to grab the pair of jeans and cute shoes. I put them in accessible places in my closet so I’m not tempted to grab the saggy lumpy sweatpants.

    What am I saying, I just got rid of the saggy lumpy sweatpants entirely. Instead, I have a pair of flattering yoga pants for the days I’m actually going to the gym.

    Recommendation: Get rid of anything in your closet that just doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

    I know, that takes more than 5-10 minutes but it could be a good excuse to have your sister or girlfriend over so she can help you with the culling. 🙂 Then it’s actually FUN!