How to Avoid the Post Mother’s Day Blues

If you are like me then Mother’s Day is one of your favorite days. What makes this day so great? For me it’s the “props” I get from my family all day long, letting me know just how very loved and appreciated I really am.

After getting up three times with each baby (yes, that’s right, six times total) my morning began with a Starbucks coffee in bed, ordered JUST how I like it. This is no easy feat given my regular order of a decaf mocha, extra hot, no whip and just two pumps is so complicated I even get it wrong. This delicious, makes-the-pain-of-getting-up-six-times-that-night-hot-beverage was delivered to me by my seven and nine year old girls, giggling and saying, “Happy Mother’s DAY!!! Here is your appetizer.” Breakfast in bed followed just moments later.

My hubby singlehandedly bought, loaded, unloaded and spread with not twenty, not thirty, but forty-three bags of mulch, all part of his Mother’s Day gift to me of basically being my slave for the day. Given my love-language is “acts of service” this had me feeling VERY loved.

If you are married, did your husband make you feel special? I hope so. And if not, you could always email your husband the link to this story about a dating site for married women on how the day after Mother’s Day is their second busiest day of the year. Mwuahahahahaha (evil laugh). If you didn’t have a good one this year, I’m sure after receiving your email your husband will make sure that next year’s is FABULOUS!

I want to hear from you. What made this Mother’s Day special for you? Did you get your “props”? Did you get handmade cards and take a day off from all the “doing” we moms normally do?

Zen Mommy is Suzanne Tucker, co-creator of My Mommy Manual and the Yogi Parenting course. If you are ready for parenting to be easier, more fun and less stressful, sign up for a free Yogi Parenting lesson.


  1. I think I need some tips on how to survive the post-Mother’s Day sugar crash!!! 😉

  2. So true Ria. So true. 😉

    Post-followup… the babies just gave me a LATE Mother’s Day gift. They slept like ANGELS last night, going to bed @ 9pm, waking once (and at the same time which rocks) at 3 A.M, then sleeping through 7 and 8am.

    I’m doing my happy (and rested) dance.