How to Thank the FATHERS in Your Life

As it is Father’s Day (errrr… correction… Father’s WEEKEND as my kids have declared it!) I just took a walk down memory lane and watched our birth story from when the twins were born a few months ago.

As I sit here in a puddle of tears, so grateful for my husband and our life… I am struck by what a rock my husband was and is for our family.

Babe, I want to thank you for being an incredible father to our children. You never cease to amaze me in the way you connect so deeply and individually with each of our kids. Making the time to really KNOW and LOVE them… your love helps our kids everyday come to know and love themselves for the magical little people they are and the passionate, self-loving and expressed people they are becoming.

Our children are blessed to have you as a Father. You mirror back to them who they are in the world with such tender and loving ease. Thank you for taking this parenting journey with me and doing such a BANG-UP job at being a dad.

1-4-3. I love you buddy.

Take a moment and join me in thanking the incredible dad’s in your world; your husbands, your father’s… your brothers and next door neighbors.  This post is for all you incredible Dad’s out there that make a difference in the world for our children. Send them a note of appreciation by commenting below OR email us videos and picture of your awesome Dad in action and we’ll start a Dad’s ROCK Hall of Fame.

Here’s my entry… the kids spent hours getting this made for their dad. Can you feel the love?


  1. Happy Father’s Day to you, Mr. ZenMommy, one of the best dads I know to your children, to my children, and to all the lucky people that you nurture/father in your life and work.