How to Tell… is your life happy or interesting?

I was having a fascinating discussion at BlissDom with Esther and Brené about Penelope’s post on happy versus interesting. Penelope’s conclusion is that “people need to choose between an interesting life and a happy life.”

And it got me to thinking… are these two concepts really diametrically opposed — at two ends of a spectrum?

I think I’m pretty happy. And I think I have a pretty interesting life. I’m almost certain that most people who know me would agree with BOTH those statements. What do you think, Zen Mommy? (Is it because I used the word “pretty” three times?)

Is it that your life can’t be interesting and happy in the exact same moment? Okay, so when I was interestingly transplanting my existence from one side of the world to the other at age 13, was I unhappy? No. I was happy. Or when I uninterestingly choose to do NOTHING and not leave my room for four days in a row, am I unhappy? No, I’m really good with that too.

Am I for real?!

Honestly, part of my definition of happiness includes interesting. According to Gallup’s Strengths Finder, I have Input, Learner and Maximizer in my Strengths profile, which means that not only do I want to continuously learn and improve but that I focus on stimulating personal and group excellence. Penelope links happy with complacency. I link happy with interesting… #interesting

So just from my poll of one… that being my own personal experience, I have to call shenanigans on her conclusion. You? Must YOU choose between happy and interesting? Or can you be both?

p.s. According to Penelope, I’m suspiciously well-balanced. 🙂


  1. I think if life is only happy we wont feel it. It depends on the person, too. Different people are finding happiness with different things.

  2. Always can get both and I believe that happiness can be quite interesting and related.

  3. My definition too, I find happiness in action. It works very well when it is difficult.

  4. Suzanne tucker says:

    I like your comment Amanda.

    For me, happiness comes from being with what is. Not in a passive, complacent way, but in a Carpe diem sort of sense!!! If you ask me, one CAN be happy (fully present) within an interesting moment of life—- Fooo-shooo!!! It’s when I fight life or the moment that I’m less than happy. My life could be way interesting, but if I’m not there in my body present to all it’s awesome-ness, where does that leave me?

  5. If my kids and my family is happy and healthy, I am happy. I think I have reach this moment of time when other people are more important than me.

  6. Both are interlinked for most people, but for sure different people are finding happiness in different things. For me my kids are everything for me.


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