How to Shop with Kids Peacefully

I am in that stage of parenting our twins where each time I take them to the store I wonder if it will continue to go smoothly. They are into everything now that they crawl and thankfully, shopping together continues to go WELL. Having a plan and just the right distractions helps. Watch here as I show you one of my best shopping sanely tricks which involves the Hold-It-Baby.

I find bringing a sling along is a MUST as one generally wants to be held and this frees up my hands for paying, loading the car, etc.

Send me your shopping with kiddos tips!!! How old are your kids and HOW do you make it fun/sane to go shopping?

Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy

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  1. Hi! I think you are on the right track with Hold it Baby…I don’t they had that when mine were little…(my tiny babies are now 10 and 12)…..What I did…was help them take turns with a Starbuck water with the straw cut down. It was such a coveted object, and they learned to build trust that they were going to get another turn…and that the water wouldn’t run out…it was a little bit of multitasking though. They never threw the water because it was such a coveted item….

    Now my babies help me in the grocery store:

    I can say…find the best deal on TP to one, and ask another to get 2lbs of raisins, as we pass the frozen foods…I just say..4 broccli, 3 brussel sprouts, 3 peas..and I just walk slowly while they load the cart.

    Its nice to remember the baby days…my son still sits in my lap, though he is almost as tall as I am…he tells me that he is still my “little one”.

  2. I do a similar trick, baby in the shopping card. Last week my son fell asleep. Honestly most of the times I don’t have problems shopping with him, he really enjoy lights in the shopping mall.

  3. Debbie Hipp says:

    Hi Suzanne! My favorite grocery shopping trick is to let the kids eat an apple. It gives them something to hold(so they aren’t grabbing for things) and plus they are eating something healthy. It usually lasts until the freezer section. And when we are checking out I tell the cashier that we are a few apples short. Sometimes they add an extra pound to the bag I did buy and sometimes they don’t and just smile!!!

  4. I think kids love shopping, they really enjoy being outside and seeing new things.