How to Respect Each Others’ Boundaries

NO is not a bad word! “No” is how we maintain boundaries with each other, both adults and children. It’s a word that we want our kids to be able to say with confidence. Think of all the situations when we want them to “Just say No!”

So how do you react when your child establishes a boundary with you? After all, how are they going to master it without any practice! 🙂 Watch the VIDEO: Zen Mommy and I take on this question from the Yoga Parenting course.

No is powerful. But as a child myself, saying “no” to my parents was… unheard of. I’m sure that my tendency to NOT say “no” has been the root of… um, many many significant life lessons. Remember Jennifer Burden’s article last week, How to Just Say No? This is a biggie, people! This is how are little people learn!

Thank you, Jennifer for sharing how you set your boundaries. My dear readers, how have you set boundaries. Or, how has your child set boundaries with you? How did you respond?

Practical Mommy is Ria Sharon, co-creator of the Yoga Parenting course. Are you ready for parenting to be easier, more fun and less stressful?


  1. I LOVE it!!

    I encourage Walker to answer…even though right now it’s mostly a “no!!” I mean, it’s the word he hears most every day;)

    “Can mommy have a kiss?”
    “Are you ready for bathtime?”
    He often gives a resounding “NO!”
    Depending on the situation he may sometimes hear, “Okay, baby. You don’t have to.” But sometimes he hears, “Sorry, baby. But you have to.” I think it’s good for him to know that mommy has boundaries too…