How To Let Go of Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

Well, I did it. I can’t believe it either … but it’s true. And I am proud of myself for having the ability to let go. If I can do it, you can to.

I’m talking about my favorite pair of jeans, Goldsign Desire. I bought them in 2004. They were my first pair of, what was considered back then, expensive jeans. I loved them. Too much, evidently. For the last three years, the holes worn in them were unrepairable. So, I wore tunics and shirt dresses over them.

Why didn’t I just buy a new pair? My Goldsign Desires became extinct … discontinued. How sad is that!

For the last six months, I knew it was time to part. I couldn’t bare to throw them away. Until now. The more I thought about it, the more excited I was to take on the challenge and begin the journey to find a new pair of ‘it’ jeans (a very tall task, I might add). It might take me a few years to find a replacement (I liken jeans shopping to bathing suit shopping — painful), but I am determined. And with fall just around the corner, there should be a decent selection to get me started.

This sort of thing can happen to anyone. My recommendation, when it’s love at first site and you’re unsure of when you must part, buy 2 pairs!

Au revoir le jeans. You will be missed.

by Expert Mommy, Catherine Horgan


  1. I know how this feels. My favorite pair of jeans was actually a maternity pair that I had with my first. I don’t know why but not only were they comfortable but they just made me feel great. It was so sad when I had to give them up.

    With my regular body, the only jeans that fit and that I’m happy with are the ones that I buy in Asia. So when I go, I buy 3 or 4 pairs. But I haven’t been back since 2007… and don’t know when I’ll get the chance so I’m hanging on to those like they’re gold.

  2. You are smart to buy 3-4 pairs. Typically, I would not recommend buying certain clothing items in bulk. However, jeans are definitely an exception (and bathing suits!). When you look and feel great, it’s worth the investment in ensuring continued confidence!