How to Label Your Child

Yes, labeling… like a pickle jar.

I cannot take credit for this one. My friend, Kellie is the genius! My son invited a few of his friends to celebrate his birthday at one of those indoor arcades that has always given my psychic hives! You know… total and complete chaos. At least, we’re beyond the age of him getting trampled by the bigger kids. Now, he is the big kid that could potentially trample someone else! However, we are not beyond him getting “lost” within the pandemoneum.

In a moment of panic, will he remember my phone number? Oh sure, at home he remembers it. In the car, he remembers it. Hopefully, like Dory, it will come to him unbidden. But in the event that it doesn’t…

Nothing to sew or iron on. Nothing that will get in his way. No sticker that may come off. Brilliantly simple, eh?

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  1. That’s very sweet, I never thought about that. I am sure that my kids will love this play.