How to Get Real

May you dwell in the house of the Lord forever” is more than a symbolic statement. It means, may your perception of what’s real and what’s not real be based only on God’s eternal realities, every moment. ~ Marianne Williamson

Apparently, it’s time for my personal reality check. It’s been a busy few months. That would be an understatement. Since June, MMM was part of Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Connecting in the CyBear Century. We also co-hosted Virginia’s virtual baby shower with KMOV, raising money for March of Dimes. We were on a panel at the Type A Mom conference, coordinated the St. Louis Mom Fashion Haul, and this week, speaking at the RISE Big Idea luncheon.

This on top of being mommy: parent-teacher conferences, birthday parties, soccer practices, soccer games, soccer games, soccer games (yes, I typed that three times)!

At least once a week, someone asks, “How do you do it?” I wish I could say that passion fueled me through all these activities. I wish I had a magic answer, at least one better than what I’m about to admit. But in fact, the answer is just that my sense of equilibrium is completely out of whack. I take on way too much. The only thing that does keep me going is a breath during the chaos. Even if just for a moment, one deep breath.

But for the last month, even that has been a struggle. Breathing, that is. Seasonal allergies or probably my own mental congestion has made breathing a challenge.

Hence, the reality check. It’s October. My mantra for 2010 is Surrender; I am richly supported. And yet, from my actions you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve been scurrying around like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the long winter. Where is my faith? Where is my trust? I have so NOT surrendered. Things must change. It’s come to Jesus time. Literally.

And He’s making sure I can’t squirrel out of this one. I can’t breathe. Must stay in bed. No excuses. Stop doing. Just BE.

Just the thought of it makes me want to cry. That’s how strong my ego is.

This is so out of my comfort zone and I can feel the rise of panic starting in my chest. But I know that in this discomfort is the opportunity for transformation. It’s my chance to keep LIVING what we keep talking about here on MMM, living and parenting with mindfulness.

I’m taking a few trusted guides for the journey: Marianne Williamson’s The Gift of Change and Marlo Morgan’s Mutant Message Down Under. (no aff links)

I’ll also need your help. I can feel it already. This might get really messy. I want YOU to keep me accountable. No cheating. I must allow this mondo beyondo dream to unfold. So… who’s in?! Sign up and you won’t have to come all the way over here to bring me soup and keep me stocked with tissues.

Practical Mommy is Ria Sharon, co-creator of the Yoga Parenting course. Are you ready for parenting to be easier, more fun and less stressful?


  1. I love this! This is exactly how I feel right now…except the sick part – I’m so sorry you’re sick! 🙁 But yeah…sometimes I wonder if I’m cut out for this working mom bit. Because the fact is, in twenty years it won’t matter if I established a fabulous career, but it WILL matter how I parented and poured into my kiddos in these formative years,

    That said, I think that God blesses us with gifts and talents that can and should be used to His glory. I also think He enjoys blessing our efforts and our hard work.. So I think this is a matter of always being realistic and not taking on more than I can handle…trusting that I’ll survive the moments (or months) when I DO take on more than I can handle, and never forgetting that my ultimate goal is to raise children who know without a shadow of a doubt that nothing in my life was more important to me than being their mom. Developing a career is icing on the cake. I want to pursue it with wisdom and grace and I’m grateful to people like you and the other lovely ladies I’ve had the opportunity to meet recently who provide a very candid example of how to do that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Kelli. I feel so blessed to know you. You may know that I believe the best gift we can give our children is ourselves — our whole selves, not just the part that is their mom, who takes care of all their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual needs but the one that models how to take care of her own physical, emotiional, mental, and spiritual needs. For some (including me), that means pursuing my own interests and passions.

    I do believe that what I am doing as part of MMM is Spirit-led, that we are providing a platform for moms to talk about topics just like this BUT what I’m discovering is that my taking on too much is really a symptom of my LACK of faith. I feel like I have to shoulder the burden of success all alone. Ironic, isn’t it? Considering one of our mantras is that we are NOT ALONE?

    Stay tuned. It’s going to be an interesting ride! 😉

  3. I think part of your beauty is in KNOWING WHEN to breathe – you have talked me through many a ‘holding-my-breath’ moment…. and clearly this is one of those moments when you are recognizing the weight that exists in everything around you. That alone is amazing.

    Hate to hear that you aren’t feeling well *sends hugs and virtual chicken soup* but trust that as you ‘just be’ and allow the quiet to settle into your soul, the path you are on will feel illuminated once again. You inspire me daily.

  4. Thank you, D! You know, I’m entering what I call this “cave of transformation” and someone told me today that Love lives in that cave and is building a fire right now for me. I think it’s you. Love you mightily!