How to Find a Great Nanny

There is not much I need to type here that I don’t say in this video journal from our week long adventure finding a nanny. I will tell you that we DID IT! We hired our fifteen to twenty hour a week nanny. Her name is Rachel and she r-o-c-k-s. She’s experienced, she’s easy to work with and most importantly, she’s great with my kiddos.

From the start I’ve felt like we’ve just “flowed”… and that is really important to me.

I never wanted this process to be hard, nor did I think it needed to be, inspite of some of the horror stories friends have shared with me on their experiences doing the same. Who wants this important relationship to be hard, stressful or strained? Not I. Not I!!! So going into it, I looked for help. Someone to hold my hand you could say. Enter the agency I decided to use to source referrals,

I think the “flow” our nanny and I have now, eight plus weeks into working together, has a lot to do with the thourough interview process we went through following the advice we received from the nanny finder site itself. Find the Best Nanny encouraged us to begin the process by defining our wants, our needs… even our best communication styles right from the get go. I used the question templates they offered and even the screening tools they listed as well.

I have Find the Best Nanny to thank for finding Rachel as one of the owners, Debbie, gifted me a membership. Lest you think I might be somehow biased by this trial offer – let me point out here that the footage from my experience you can watch here below is taped realtime. I could have hated the process. I could have come up empty handed as well. So in my humble opinion, they really rolled the dice giving me a membership to sample knowing I planned to video/publish my experience for all to see.

But, alas, no drama here— the ending of this story is a happy one. 🙂 AND one I think you will glean HUGE tips from the process itself, from how to find candidates, how to screen them, how to know if they are a good fit for your family, etc.

I  had LOTS of tips to share and think you’ll find the six minute video that follows WELL worth the time it will save you if you too are in fact embarking on a find-a-nanny-or-sitter journey!

Tell me how your search is going or went in the comment section below (horro stories allowed as well ;0) AND be sure to include any great tips you might have to pass onto other moms starting their search as well.

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