How to Empower Birthing Mothers

We had the honor of interviewing Karen Brody, playwright of BIRTH and founder of BOLD, the global arts movement that inspires communities to make maternity care mother-friendly. We are so proud to be holding hands with play organizers in our own local community of St. Louis to empower pregnant women to make the right birthing choices for themselves.

Interview with Karen Brody (AUDIO 27:15)

How can we support each other in birth, this amazing transformative moment in the life of a woman? We can create the circle of women that Karen describes. That’s what we are doing for Virginia Kerr, and through her, all other birthing moms in the upcoming event, A Mom Is Born. Please be our guest here on August 25.

If you have a mom/woman-focused site, we invite you to co-host this event with us. Send us a message and we’ll send you details.

And if you are in St. Louis, don’t miss this year’s performance of BIRTH at Schlafly’s Bottleworks on Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 5pm. Tickets here!


  1. Julie Herr says:

    This interview with Karen Brody was awesome!

    I want to thank My Mommy Manual for being a part of bringing Birth, a play by Karen Brody, to St. Louis. Suzanne helped connect people together to make this event a success. She helped get space for rehearsals and brought us together with our videographer. My Mommy Manual played a great sponsoring role on our “Birth” team! We look forward to even greater success when we do next year’s performance!

    Julie Herr

  2. Julie, this was such a nice note of thanks. Bringing BOLD to STL is such an awesome movement to be a part of. Seriously. It’s an honor to work along side ya’ll in bringing Karen’s trans-formative play to our community. Next year is going to “ROCK!” as well.


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