How to Do NOTHING!

It’s the middle of the summer! If your family is like mine, we’ve taken a trip, the kids have done camp, and we’ve hit all the local attractions. But there are still six weeks before school starts so… what now?

NOTHING! Seriously… I’m giving up the guilt about not having an activity planned for them. My kids are actually looking forward to some days when we can just lounge around and sleep in. I feel validated in my decision to UnPlan when I stumbled on an American Academy of Pediatrics report that says that free and unstructured play is healthy and actually essential for kids’ social, emotional and cognitive growth.

It seems like overnight, I’ve turned into The Soccer Mom, with my kids playing year round soccer. And along with all their other summer interests — tennis, swimming, drama camp,  it doesn’t leave many opportunities to just lay around. It’s a trade off because they get to do some fun stuff but that means that many days are carefully planned and orchestrated. And it can be stressful.

The times that I’m short with the kids and when we butt heads are when we are rushing out the door trying to get somewhere by a certain time. We all crave those mornings when we can sleep in as long as we want… and in our house, that can be as late as 10am! But then again, when you have free and unplanned time, there’s always the risk of your kids insistent refrain throughout the day… Mommy, I’m boooooored!”

I’m on Great Day St. Louis today sharing some ideas on what to do when that happens. One of my tips: making sure you are stocked with art supplies and fun ways that the kids can express themselves. In our house, we have an Art Wall and the kids have spent hours doodling on it. I use a strip of Frames wallpaper applied with double-sided tape. When it’s full, I just take it down and add a new strip!

For more ideas, join us today at 10am CST on KMOV’s Great Day St Louis. It’s gonna be fun!


  1. I have been in this situation several times. Nothing to worry about, just help them to hand out with friends in the neighborhood or help them to find a hobby.

  2. Jennifer Burden says:

    Long time no comments from me! 🙁 This wallpaper looks SUPER awesome! Does it peel off easily?

  3. I actually used double sided tape for this since it was such a small area. It’s almost time for us to switch and put up a new, blank strip! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Burden says:

    Oooh! That’s a good idea! Although at this stage, if I gave my son liberty to color on one area of wall I’d probably end up with a whole room worth of fantastical color!

  5. Love this! So important to make sure kids get to be kids… doing their own thing. The frames wallpaper is awesome!

  6. Thank you, friends. Yes, we love our wallpaper!

  7. Weezer123 says:

    What an idea. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  8. Love it, thanks for sharing…

  9. Thanks, Duane!