How Can You Tell If Your Child Needs Braces?

Good question. It seems like almost everyone gets braces these days. In my conversation with Dr. Jackie Demko, she confirmed that 80% of the U.S. population does indeed get them. BUT she provides a really great perspective on whether this is something your child NEEDS!

Does your child wear braces? What tipped you off the he/she needed them? Leave a comment with your story!

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  1. My daughter wants braces and probably needs them but she’s still only ten so I’m holding off. I think the little gap between her two front teeth gives her her own sense of who she is. We are all diff. we don’t need to be perfect by getting braces. I think if they are really really bad then thats another story. But for a small gap, no need!

  2. I agree on the gap… but that might be my inner grown-up talking. 🙂

    Remembering what it’s like being 10 for me… fitting in rather than standing out was a priority. This is one of four segments I did with Dr. Demko. Keep a look out… because she shares tips on WHEN is the right time to set up an orthodontic diagnostic appointment.

  3. I had my braces and removed once treatment was over. But I have the retention. Any permanent remedy.

  4. Do you mean you have the retainer? Or that your teeth did not stay in place?