How to Break Free from…

FOOD, in my case.

I have observed that people are obsessed with food. Note: observation v. judgement. I am certainly among such “people.” So it was with some aspects of scientific interest that I embarked on the “experiment” of The Master Cleanse. Danielle Smith graciously recorded pre- and post- real time observations of my 5-day detox/cleanse/fast.


What did I learn?
1) I’m not a slave to food, as I previously believed. Previously, I actually allowed FOOD to dictate my routine and my choices. Think about how many hours we collectively spend thinking about food, shopping for food, preparing food, consuming food, and cleaning up after food. My sister and I officially declared our five-day fast, “Freedom from Food 2010.” And in a way, it was a holiday!

2) The secret to feeling sated and staving off the blood sugar rollercoaster is PROPER HYDRATION. (But The Nametag Guy already said that.) Sadly, this may have been the only time in my life that I drank the recommended eight glasses of water.

3) There is something to the idea of detox/cleanse — not only physical but mental and spiritually as well. It isn’t only what we put in our bodies that can be toxic, whether it’s too fatty, too processed, to artificial… but what we put in our heads and hearts. Do you have toxic “friends?” Do you have toxic thought patterns? So maybe it isn’t a cleaning out of your guts that you need but other kinds of detoxification.

Does your brain need a hard re-booting after years of being on an auto-pilot menu of Law & Order and the Late News? What are the things/activities/relationships that drain us but we keep doing because we can’t LIVE WITHOUT THEM?

Pre-cleanse: I must have declared a hundred times over that I couldn’t possibly do anything before breakfast. What? Meditate? Buddhists actually do this before breakfast? And so do the Catholics and the Christians?! Well, I can’t because… I have a really high metabolism.

Or, fast? ! No way! Not for Yom Kippur. I’m NOT giving up bread for Passover because I’ll get really crabby. Not to mention constipated. And anyway, I’m not really Jewish.


Totally. Lame. #JustSaying

Post-cleanse: I feel G-R-E-A-T! Okay, so I didn’t run a marathon or anything. But I definitely reclaimed power over this thing called food. I have lived the experience of CHOICE versus compulsion, habit, and dare I say it, addiction.

I am… FREE! 😉


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